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As globalization and population growth increase the pressure on governments to raise revenue and as the demand for goods and services increase, corporate taxpayers are faced with increasing costs associated with their real property taxes. IPTI’s Corporate Advisory Committee was formed to serve as a voice and represent the needs and concerns of corporations.

The Corporate Advisory Committee supports corporate managers by providing:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to exchange global property tax management strategies with other corporations and industry experts
  • Opportunities to participate in corporate benchmarking studies
  • Info-sharing experiences on technical matters, contracting strategies, country-specific tax and assessment related matters
  • Ways and means of keeping apprised of critical developments which may affect corporations in future
  • Opportunities to communicate and provide submissions to government agencies prior to legislation being enacted or changed
  • Research and Advisory Services tailored to their particular needs

Corporate Advisory Committee Members

Kevin is a Manager – Indirect Taxes at FCA US LLC

Brigit is a Sr. Property Tax Manager at Amazom.com

Bradford is a AVP Property Tax Director at TJX Companies, Inc

National Director of Property Tax


Senior Property Tax Strategist

Director of Property Tax, RD Management, LLC

Tom is the Director of Property Tax for RD Management, LLC, based in New York, NY

Mrs. Bendinger-Rothschild is the Executive Director of the European American Chamber of Commerce York Chapter. She joined the chamber in the beginning of October 2010 and has since been a driving force in the organisations exponential growth. As part of that, Yvonne liaises with EACC members and partners on a variety of activities to stimulate transatlantic business development; to facilitate networking and relationships between European and American businesses and professional organizations

During her career she has worked and consulted for a number of non-profits where she significantly contributed to raising their public profiles, increasing membership, seminar development, program attendance and member engagement. In the course of that she has been involved with international clients and partners from across the US, in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Yvonne sees herself as a European and is dedicated to the idea that Europe needs to think, act and be looked at as one entity. Mrs. Bendinger-Rothschild works closely with the EACC board and her focus is to create value for its members and help grow the organization.

Mrs. Bendinger-Rothschild is a graduate of the University of Applied Science in Ludwigshafen, Germany where she earned a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Controlling/Finance. She is fluent in German and English with basic skills in Spanish and French.