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The manner in which revaluations have been undertaken is of utmost important to many jurisdictions. The audits with which IPTI has been involved, resulted in an analysis of the process and outcomes of revaluations and measuring them against internationally recognized standards. In some cases, an audit has resulted in the aware of a prestigious “IPTI Certificate” confirming that the jurisdiction concerned has met or surpassed the required standard.

Audit: IPTI was commissioned to undertake independent audits of property tax revaluations carried out in South Africa. The first IPTI audit took place in 2006 and IPTI was requested to provide similar reviews for revaluations in 2009, 2012 and 2015. IPTI has also been commissioned to provide an independent audit of revaluations in various Canadian Provinces. IPTI was requested by a firm of lawyers to carry out an independent audit of residential property tax valuations in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Certification: IPTI was commissioned by the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) in Nova Scotia to review their policies, processes and practices in relation to property tax valuations. Having carried out a detailed review of PVSC’s operations, IPTI found that it met internationally-recognized standards and was able to award PVSC its certificate of compliance.